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2015: Germany has a new champion in judo. The TSV München - Grosshadern gets for the eleventh time in its club history the title of the German judo team champion. The team won the finals due to its outstanding, convincing performance. Well done, guys!


The ladies are the men in every way. The Großhaderner women's team has been established over the last two years in the German top and shows Judo at the highest level. A strong team has grown, which is characterized by team spirit and great fighting spirit. The team was further strengthened with Laura Varga Koch and Carolin white.

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Established in 1952 the KSV Esslingen is the largest judo club in South Germany (more than 850 members). The team has been successful for more than 50 years. 


The women's team of KSV Esslingen made first place of Judo national league in 2009.


The men of the KSV Esslingen won the bronze medal at the German Championships in 2009. During the next years both teams (men and women) have become the German Runner-up several times.

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BJV – Bavarian Judo Federation

The Judo Association of Bavarian (BJV) is the performance forged for Bavarian top athletes. The top athletes of the BJV include, inter alia, the Olympic starter Tobias Englmaier, Christopher Volk and the hopefuls Simon Glockner and Zitta Notter.

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German Judo Federation

With more than 200,000 members in over 2,700 clubs in the German Judo Federation is the largest martial arts association in Germany. The DJB is the Association for judo, which represents only this sport in all its forms, from hobby through to competitive sport over to power and high-performance sports.

Not only for the Judo Festival in Cologne but also the Grand Prix Dusseldorf or European Cup in Sindelfingen, the German Judo Federation decided in 2014 for Dax Tatami Deluxe.



The Niedersächsische Ju Jutsu Association is not at least because of its excellent youth work and its optimum members promote a strong competitive team around Mandy Sonnemann who was chosen as the three-time world champion in 2012 and 2013 in Hannover Athlete of the Year.

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The National Karate Association was founded in 1994 in Azerbaijan.  Despite its short history, the national team of Azerbaijan is one of the strongest teams in Europe and in the world.

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The Athletes








personen_naomorooka Nao Morooka

The Japanese from Kanagawa in 2007 won the gold medal at the Asian Games and the Asian Karate Championships in each of the individual discipline Kata.

  personen_alexanderheimann Alexander Heimann

He belongs with two bronze medals (2011,2012) and one silver medal in 2013 at the European Championship and for years constantly at the top in the world Kumite.






personen_georgekotaka George Kotaka

He belongs with his gold medal at the 19th WKF World Championships 2008 in Tokyo and he´s the most successful karateka of the United States.

  personen_timogissler Timo Gissler

With his 4th Dan degree in Kata is Timo Gissler meanwhile, not only as an athlete, very successfully, but also since 2013 youth coach of the German Karate Federation. His best performances are the six-time German Individual Championship and 3rd place at the World Cup with the German Kata team.






personen_kenichisato Kenichi Sato

He has been very successful for many years in the Kata Diziplin for Germany, as Kata expert and trainer, he has now opted for Tokaido.

  personen_momowahib Momo Wahib

Mohammed Abu Wahib aka "Momo" is Karateka in the Kata Diziplin and very successful nationally and internationally for many years. To his personal best performance counts the victory at the Shotokan world championships in Poland of 2007.






personen_iljasmorguner Ilja Smorguner

The Shitoryu Stylist Ilya Smorguner is a member of the national squad Bayern and the German national squad. The Multiple German champion has been nominated by the German Karate Association for the 2014 World Cup.