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Judo belts for belt exam, training and competition

Order a Judo belt in different lengths and colors online

A Judo belt is usually selected according to the following criteria: length, brand and color, which symbolizes Judoka's current training progress. One differentiates between student degrees "Kyu" and master degrees "Dan". A Judo novice will look for a belt that corresponds to his level and costs as little as possible. For most beginners the manufacturer is not important. Our recommendation: a cheap Budo belt from Dax-Sports (in white, white-yellow, yellow, yellow-orange, orange, orange-green, green, blue and brown). So you are well prepared for every Judo belt examination (also in the Ju-Jutsu).


Experienced Judo fighters have a very specific idea of ​​how the appropriate Judo belt must be. The price is not decisive. In most cases the brand is matching the uniform. In order to meet the high expectations of a Judo-Champion a Judo belt not only has to convince through its beautiful appearance, but also in terms of quality and workmanship. There are several top-class Judo belts from Mizuno, Hiku and Kappa.


Quality seal "Made in Japan": An Obi made in Japan is always something very special and convinces by an exellent processing. For Judoka who are looking for a suitable belt for international championships, we have several competition belts certified by the International Judo Federation (IJF approved). Our Judo belts are colorfast made of solid cotton or noble rayon.