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Buy a Judogi with your Judo expert - Dax-Sports

The right Judo uniform for beginners, advanced and professionals

In our online shop you will find a Judogi that meets your requirements (price, cut, color, material, approval): For Judo beginners, our affordable entry-level suits from Dax-Sports are the right choice. Experienced fighters participating in national competitions will be pleased with the competition judo uniforms by Moskito. For professionals and international athletes, we have high-quality IJF-approved Gi`s from Mizuno, Kappa and Hiku. A "Made in Japan" Judogi is a masterpiece, characterized by high-quality material, first-class workmanship and above-average life.


Our range includes Judo equipment for men, women and children. All products are developed and produced especially for this intensive, demanding combat sport. The delivery usually contains a jacket and pants. A belt can be ordered in addition to the Judogi. You want to have your judo uniform embroidered? No problem! All Jugo Gi`s and belts (which are also suitable for Jiu Jitsu and Aikido) are personalized. If you are unsure about the size and want a size advice, please contact our customer service team. Find the right Judogi for training and competition and order it online with just a few clicks!