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The Swiss industry specialist Hiku is developed under the hand of the Budo-Sport AG in Bern for more than 20 years of determined, tested and produced. Hiku has long been one of Switzerland's market leaders in the martial arts and is best known in the sport of Judo as a supplier and supporter of the national team of the country of origin.


The Brand

We offer the Hiku Shiai competition suit which has an IJF approval and is therefore officially recommended and approved by the International Judo Federation for international competitions. The Gi is designed to provide comfort and is the perfect balance between a robust allround competition suit and the strict requirements of the IJF. Suits of Hiku stand out because of the modern designs and special logo discreetly from the crowd, thereby creating individuality on the judo mat. Hiku has been reinforced over the years in the dojo and on competitions and offers athletes the right equipment for achieving excellence.

The Athletes


Switzerland's national team won their medals for more than a decade with judogis from Hiku.


Since 2013, the Swedish national team fights around the world-class athletes like Marcus Nyman and Martin Pacek at International deployments, licensed with IJF suits of Hiku.