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As early as 1956 began Shizuo Sugiura individual karate suits according to his own ideas to sew. Because of this long proven experience, the brand founded by Mr. Sugiura, Tokaido has gained meanwhile for karatekas around the world cult status. In collaboration with a number of experienced karatekas, special kimonos are even designed and still made and sewn by hand.


The Brand

The cotton used is particularly pleasant and artistically processed in Japanese quality. Suits of Tokaido are for Karateka all ages and levels of loyal companion and partner for optimal success on the mat. Tokaido Karategis pierce the viewer immediately catches the eye and give an especially pleasant feeling of well-being, which has positive effects on the complete appearance of the athletes. The individual models offer according to demand, whether Kata or Kumite, for beginners, advanced and elite athletes the special Kimono, which makes its own unique style. Passionate Karateka trust as well as professional athletes on the Tokaido brand, then as now.

The athletes


George Kotaka
(Hawaii - 28.07.1977 - 65 kg)
Kotaka is one of the most successful karateka in the USA. His successes include inter alia World Champion title, victory at the Pan American and Pan American Games and the gold medal at the 19th WKF World Championships 2008 in Tokyo.


Nao Morooka
(Japan - 22.03.1982)
The Japanese from Kanagawa in 2007 won the gold medal at the Asian Games and the Asian Karate Championships in each of the individual discipline Kata.