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Under the brand Moskito, DAX Sports produces a distinctive Judogi. Moskito GI´s are among the most used suits in the toughest Judo league in the world. For advanced judokas who delight in battle and many extensive workouts, a Moskito Spezial is a must. Moskito GI´s have a particularly elegant look and you fall to the viewer from afar eye.


The Brand

Not for nothing, the GI´s enjoy great popularity, especially for athletes. In the basis of the thickness and rigidity of the fabric which is made in a special processing, it is enormously difficult in competition for the opponent to find some grip in the Gi and gain control over as the partner. Suits of moskito represent a unique degree of hardness and stiffness; wear properties are perfect for the athletes. Moskito offers competitive features for weekend warriors and elite athletes. Depending on the individual performance can be for any fighter find the optimal second skin.

The athletes


Florian Wanner
(Germany - 02.02.1978 - 81kg)

Florian Wanner is one of the most successful German judokas. Former an international fighter, he was third at the European Championships in 2003 and won at the World Championships in Osaka gold. In the Bundesliga Wanner fought with GIs of moskito.


Kerstin Thiele
(Germany - 26.08.1986 - 70 kg)

The vice-Olympic champion fights in the Bundesliga for the JC Leipzig in moskito suits. Among her greatest successes include gold at the European Championships 2005, Gold at the World Cup in 2011 and silver at the Olympics 2012.


Tobias Englmaier
(Germany - 29.01.1988 - 60 kg)

The nominated Olympia Großhaderner won numerous victories, among others Junior Champion in 2006 and 2007 and 2010 Gold at the World Cup in Lisbon. Tobias Englmaier fights for Grosshadern in the national league in moskito suits.


Niedersächsische Ju Jutsu Verband
A top athlete of the Association is Mandy Sonnemann. The three-time world champion was named Sportswoman of the Year 2012. DAX SPORTS would be an official partner and sponsor of the Association and its athletes.