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Judo Mat, Tatami Deluxe

Judo Mat, Tatami Deluxe

A quality product - made in Germany. Safe, reliable, extremely durable. It is not for nothing that our mats are used in many important judo championships worldwide. The special rice straw embossing made of vinyl gives this judo mat a special hold, especially for martial arts that are mostly practiced while standing.

•  force build-up: vDIN 18032, second part und DIN 7926, 40 mm standard strength = approx. 73 %

•  tightness: approx. 240 kg/m³

•  quality designation: E 215 Composite foam core tuned damping properties            

•  upholstery fabric top and eges: BSW tatami Vinyl with rice straw embossing

•  tensile strength: DIN EN ISO 1421 - approx. 2.200/2.200 N/5 cm

•  Durability according to to DIN 53363 - ca. 200/200 N

•  Fabric bottom: BSW Anti Slip Lamination of latex with non-slip waffle structure

•  length: 2.000 oder 1.000 mm = international standard

•  width: 1.000 mm = international standard

•  strength: 40 mm = international standard

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